With the London 2012 Olympics coming soon to the UK the whole world brushes up in anticipation to watch or partake in the most famous of all sporting events. Being one of the oldest and most comprehensive of all international gatherings with records showing the commencement as far back as 776BC it has developed into a lot more than just a competition. Bringing together over 200 nations and watched by billions over the globe it is one vast portal for the people of the world to share their talents and cultures with each other.

Coming to London for the best spectacle will be an amazing experience being at the heart of the action as it happens. Being in the UK at this time will be an extremely vibrant place to be not only with the games themselves but also all the action behind the scenes that you don’t get to see through the TV screen. Staying close to the games can be very tricky, especially if you do not want to be caught up in the swathes that will be in the city. Outside of London, Kent provides the fastest and most direct links right into the heart of the Olympic Village so you can enjoy and experience England without being in the hustle and bustle or too far from the main events.

Whether you would like a spacious house on the beach or a quaint cottage in the heart of the countryside letting a holiday rental for your stay in the UK is a great and affordable way of being close to the best part of the action and giving you the freedom to experience and explore your way. We have a unique portfolio of luxury holiday cottages in Kent so please feel free to browse by searching your criteria or let us know your requirements and we will send you a selection of suitable properties for your holiday.

Can’t make up your mind on where to stay? Take a look at our area pages to see what is in the different areas:

West of Kent – A wealth of country houses, history and the lush expanses of the Weald.

Heart of Kent – Diverse range of scenery and attractions, a great and central base for your stay.

Coastal Kent – A beautiful selection of coastal towns, stunning beaches and marshlands.

Getting to the Olympics from Kent:


SouthEastern High Speed Services into Stratford

Dover – from 60 minutes

Ashford – from 30 minutes

Ebbsfleet – from 10 minutes


Stratford City is on the south east side of London which borders onto Kent. Although driving straight to the event venues is not permitted getting into the city for public transport links is very quick wherever you are in the county with strong motorway links leading straight to this area of London.

For more information about making your travel arrangements for the games please see www.london2012.com/getting-to-the-games