The Environment

At Luxury Holiday Rentals Kent we care for the environment and try to make a difference in everything we do.

Everything we send you via post is on 100% recycled paper and in 100% recycled envelopes. And we also recycle all of our office goods from packaging to ink cartridges. 
By printing our brochures to order, including only what is relevant to yourself, we save paper, ink and fossil fuels in the delivery of a lighter package.

Reducing CO2
With the use of nothing other than energy saving appliances and equipment we are committed to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.
Less travel=less CO2 so thats why we keep our traveling to a minimum. We also try to reduce our carbon emissions into the atmosphere with green heating and lighting in the office and investment into carbon offsetting.

Our Properties
All of our properties meet European energy standards and often go beyond to ensure they are as efficient and energy saving as possible. By supporting individual owners rather than large scale resorts and holiday parks has more of an impact than you would think, not only to the local community but also in reducing the environmental impact of running these vast premises. So thank you for choosing to browse our cottages and supporting our local area.

Saving the environment is unfortunately not something that we can do much on our own, so its also down to you as an individual or a family to contribute  a little at a time and together we will help conserve our beautiful planet.